Returns under warranty

If you have a problem with your Lightwave product that you feel is a warranty matter, you have two paths of action that you can follow.

1. Return your product to the shop from which you purchased it, and they will contact us on your behalf.

2. Contact Carol McDermott by email at or the Lightwave agent in your region (see below). We will send you a form to complete and you can then send your product to the service company (which will be detailed on your form). These companies (one in the UK and two in Europe) have been authorised to make an independent and impartial assessment of your warranty claim. They will then advise Lightwave and you will be informed of the outcome. It will be necessary to pay for the carriage of your product to the service company (but this can be avoided if you return it to your point of purchase).

Although we receive very few returns under warranty as a rule, there are always exceptions. We generally prefer to repair a product (even though this is frequently the more expensive option for us). We rarely need to replace a product outright.


Carol McDermott
+44 (0)800 6890767 (from UK)
+44 (0)114 3992269 (outside UK)