Firelight 450


The Firelight 450 is a compact, lightweight, down sleeping bag. It is warm down to -5 Celsius which is the bottom end for the most versatile temperature range. It weighs an incredible 770 g including its stuff sack, and occupies a volume of just over nine litres when stuffed.

Its performance comes from the incredibly high-lofting, 900 fill-power, Polish goose down and the box-wall baffle construction throughout. The Firelight is made from a high-quality, 15 denier, Japanese-produced fabric whilst the foot area is protected by a Pertex Endurance water-resistant fabric.

The Firelight 450 best spans temperatures from 10 to -5 Celsius. This is, in our opinion, the most useful range for the great majority of outdoor activities. It covers spring, summer and autumn at altitudes up to 3000 metres in most circumstances (but not all). If you sleep a little cold, or are conservative with your comfort margins, then the Firelight 550 is a better choice (and particularly for women).

It is available in 3 sizes and has a full-length zip.


Mummy design with full-length zip
Adjustable hood closes around head
Water-resistant Pertex Endurance covered foot area
Slant box-wall baffles on top, box wall on bottom
Single zip baffle
Closed side seam (so down can't shift from top to bottom or vice-versa)
Supplied with stuff sack
Generous width fitting for greater comfort and wider temperature tolerance range

Technical Specifications

Weight: 745 g (Medium)
Colour: Brick orange/Fire Red
Fill: 450 g of 900 fillpower (EU) Polish goose down (Medium)
Shell: 15 d nylon micro ripstop, 30 g/m², (10 d Pertex Endurance 29 g/m², in foot area)
Lining: 15 d nylon micro ripstop 30 g/m²
Baffles: Slant box wall on top
Box wall on bottom
Single zip baffle
Simple side wall
Zip: Full length #3 YKK zip
Sizes: Short (left zip)
Medium (left zip)
Long (left zip)
Packed size: 35 cm x 18 cm Ø (8.9 litres)
Made In: Poland


Temperature Ratings

EN13537: 0˚C Comfort
-5˚C Lower limit
-21˚C Extreme


The comfort rating represents the lowest temperature at which a standard adult FEMALE can have a comfortable night’s sleep.

The lower limit represents the lowest temperature at which a standard adult MALE is deemed able to have a comfortable night’s sleep.

The extreme limit is a nonsense and best ignored. We really don't see any usefulness in this measure.

We like the EN13537 ratings at Lightwave. Going by our own extensive experience, we feel they accurately reflect the temperature limitations of each sleeping bag for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Individual tolerances may allow some people to go beyond these figures, but we believe this is at the discretion of the user and is not something to be claimed by us.


Care & Attention

Down is a very resilient insulating material and, with basic care, any down sleeping bag should last you a very long time (if not your entire active climbing life). There are two simple rules to ensure longevity:
1. Always store your sleeping bag uncompressed in a dry, airy place.
2. Always use a sleeping bag liner. This will prevent the bulk of body oils and perspiration from getting into the down itself and reduce the need for washing the bag.

Although it is possible to machine wash these bags, we highly recommend you hand-wash your down sleeping bag or, alternatively, use a professional service. You can download washing instructions here.