Starlight 3


Made from DCF (Dyneema Composite Fabric), the Starlight 3 is an asynnetric, hexagonally-shaped tarp. Incredibly light at only 155 g, and with a surface area over six square metres, it is a versatile shelter that can be used as a straight canopy, a lean-to shelter, or basic ridge-tent.

The pole is not included. The sleeping bags shown in the image are a Firelight 350, 450 & 550 (also not included!)


Six reinforced lash points
Four reinforced auxiliary eyelets
Supplied with 6 x Lightning 1.5 mm Dyneema guylines

Technical Specifications

Dimensions 275 (L) x 300 (front) x 150 (back) cm
Weight 155 g
Area  6.15 m²
Fabric Dyneema Composite Fabric, 18 g/m²
Pack size 28 x 8 cm