The g1 ion and g1 ioniX are semi-geodesic tents with 3 and 4 poles respectively. These tents were manufactured between 2005-2012.

Please check your pole against the drawings above and technical specifications below before ordering. All dimensions are given in mm.

Please note that the price of each individual pole is £25 (VAT included) plus delivery charge. So, two poles, for example, will cost £50, three poles will cost £75, etc.



Care & Maintenance

Poles require little or no maintenance, but there are two points one should be aware of.

1. Throwing a set of folded poles out so they all snap together may look impressive, but this can lead to damage at the ends and ultimately weaken the metal increasing the risk of a J-tear failure (refer to tent knowledge base).

2. Over time, the elastic cord holding all the poles together stretches, and the poles are not held together so tautly. There may come a point in time where the elastic needs to be shortened or replaced (refer to tent knowledge base).

Technical Specifications

The poles are 9.00 mm DAC Press-fit. (Lengths are given in mm).

Front pole: 2870 mm, colour orange (Light blue on original production)

2 x Diagonal poles: 3070 mm, colour blue

Ionix porch pole: 2520 mm, colour black

Dimensions: 45 cm × 5 cm × 5 cm

g1 ion & ionix