The g30 ultriX is a semi-geodesic tent with 4 poles. This tent was launched in 2012 and is a current style.

Please check your pole against the drawings above and technical specifications below before ordering. All dimensions are given in mm.

Please note that the price of each individual pole is £28 (VAT included) plus delivery charge. So, two poles, for example, will cost £56, three poles will cost £84, etc.



Technical Specifications

The poles are Yunan Ultralite with Unit Connectors.
The front and diagonal poles are 9.00 mm diameter.
The porch pole is 8.64 mm diameter.
(Lengths are given in mm).

Front pole: 3180 mm, colour gold

Diagonal poles: 3460 mm, colour green

Front pole: 2980 mm, colour black

Dimensions: 50 cm × 5 cm × 5 cm

g30 ultriX