The t10 trek & t10 trek xt are tunnel tents with 2 and 3 poles respectively. These tents were manufactured between 2012-15. 

Please check your pole against the drawings above and technical specifications below before ordering. (Dimensions are mm)

Please note that the price of each individual pole is £25 (VAT included) plus delivery charge. So two poles, for example, will cost £50.



Technical Specifications

The poles are DAC 8.50 mm Press-fit. Lengths are given in mm.

Front pole: 2540 mm, colour grey (430-430-350-middle-430-430-350)
Rear pole: 1750 mm, colour gold (272-272-272-middle-272-272-272)
Porch pole: 2250 mm, colour black (380-380-305-middle-308-380-305)


t10 trek & trek xt