The g30 mtn is a unique design that has been optimised for mountain trekking. At 3.15 kg, it combines a fully free-standing design, a snow-shedding ridge-line, a high porch safe for cooking, and the strongest fabrics available.

The g30 mtn is built around our standard three-pole semi-geodesic g30 inner tent as used in our ultra and trek ranges. Where it departs from convention is in its flysheet which features a fourth, long pole that is inserted along the ridgeline. It is this feature that creates its ability to stand without the use of any pegs (although these are still recommended to at least stop your tent flying away in the wind), the high head-height in the porch, and the rigid spine that prevents snow or rain sitting on top. Additionally, one can further increase the interior volume of the porch by unclipping the inner tent from the flysheet and rolling it back for an additional half metre of space.

All the fabrics, poles and components used in the g30 mtn are of the highest specification with emphasis on strength and durability rather than light weight. In fact, the g30 mtn shares exactly the same specification as our polar exploration model, the t25 arctic. It also features Cuben – a new, high-tech laminate fabric developed for spinnakers on the America Cup yachts – which is 70% lighter and twice as strong as the flysheet fabric, is impermeable to UV-light degradation, and is unusually translucent to enhance the feeling of “lightness” in the porch area.

Two porch doors, one on each side
Inner unclips to fold back to increase space in porch
Groundsheet has bathtub construction for complete protection
"Dorsal" pole along ridge gives superior snow and rain shedding performance
Continuous colour-coded pole sleeves
Vents at front (two) and rear (one)
Two internal stash pockets
Supplied with 8 Lightning and 10 V-pegs
Comes with 7 x 3 metres, 2 mm Dyneema guylines

Technical Specifications

People 3
Total weight 3.15 kg (complete)

75 g/m², 50 denier, high-tenacity nylon 6.6 ripstop
7,000 mm hydrostatic head, double-sided, silicon coating

Groundsheet 120 g/m², 70 denier, high-tenacity taffeta nylon
10,000 mm hydrostatic head, TPU-lamination
Inner canopy 35 g/m², 30 denier, high-tenacity ripstop nylon 6.6
Poles 4 x 10.0 mm Ø DAC Featherlite NSL
Guylines 7 x 3 m x 2.0 mm Dyneema with mini-Linelok adjusters
Pegs 8 x Lightning pegs, 7001-T6 square-section, 12 g each
10 x DAC alloy V-pegs, 10 g each
Packed size

45 cm x 20 cm Ø



Inner length 220 cm
Inner width 160 cm
Inner height 115 cm
Porch 130 cm

Care & Maintenance

Always ensure the tent is completely dry after a trip before packing it away for any length of time. Both flysheets and inners can get stains and mildew if stored in a damp condition – and once these occur, they are almost impossible to remove.

The poles consist of a number of sections linked together with shock cord. Over time, the shock cord stretches and the tension holding all the poles together reduces. This increases the risk of one section sliding off the ferrule of the adjacent one, resulting in what we call a J-tear failure. If you notice this, remove the pole-foot from one end, cut the elastic shorter and re-install it.


g30 mtn