The s15 sigma is the first of a new generation of single-wall tents where it can be truly said that condensation is no longer a problem. It is made from a lighter version of the X-tex fabric launched by our sister-brand crux for its range of X1 mountain bivouac tents. The s15 sigma is a simple 2-pole dome with a third short transverse pole to stiffen the structure, increase the internal volume and create a steeper entrance wall/door. The s15 can be pitched quickly and it requires a minimum of pegging to secure it. We originally considered the s15 sigma as a one-person tent, but it is so roomy in fact that we suspect many will be used by two people keen to save weight - hence the one/two person classification. At 230 cm long, with near vertical walls and exceptional height, we think the s15 sigma accommodates tall people better than any other tent. And it weighs less than 1.5 kg, fully packed and with everything included.

This is the new 2020 version. The older 2018 model (and the original s10 and labelled as such) is available at this link


Single-wall construction for low weight and quick pitching
X-tex fabric manages condensation for an always "dry to the touch" internal wall
Generous porch area with silicon-coated fabric flysheet
Multiple guypoints for stability in strong winds
Continuous low-friction pole sleeves for easy insertion
Generous dimensions and internal volume
Supplied with 8 Lightning and 4 Flash pegs
Groundsheet has bathtub construction for complete protection
Comes with 4 x 2.5 m, and 2 x 1.5 m, 2 mm nylon guylines
Internal storage pockets

Technical Specifications

People 1/2
Total weight 1.30 kg (complete)
Flysheet 70 g/m², 20 denier, nylon ripstop, X-tex coating,
20,000 mm hydrostatic head
Porch wall 51 g/m², 20 denier, ripstop, high-tenacity nylon 6.6
3,000 mm hydrostatic head, silicon-coated both sides
Groundsheet 70 g/m², 40 denier, ripstop nylon
TPU-laminated with 10,000 mm hydrostatic head
Inner wall 25 g/m², 20 denier, ripstop, high-tenacity nylon 6.6
Poles 3 x 8.70 mm Ø DAC Featherlite
Guylines 4 x 2.5 and 2 x 1.5 m, 2.0 mm nylon with mini-Linelok adjusters
Pegs 8 x 7001-T6 square-section alloy pegs, 12 g each
4 x 7001-T6 half-section alloy pegs, 7 g each

Component weights

Main tent body: 805 g
Poles: 305 g
Tent/pole bags: 40 g
Pegs & guys: 150 g
Packed size 50 cm x 14 cm Ø



Only the green colour is avilable. Black will be in stock at the end of January.


Inner length 230 cm
Inner width 95 cm
Inner height 110 cm
Porch 70 cm


Care & Maintenance


Always ensure the tent is completely dry after a trip before packing it away for any length of time. Stains and mildew can occur if stored in a damp condition – and once these appear, they are almost impossible to remove.


The poles consist of a number of sections linked together with shockcord. Over time, the shockcord stretches and the tension holding all the poles together reduces. This increases the risk of one section sliding off the ferrule of the adjacent one, resulting in what we call a J-tear failure. If you notice this, remove the pole-foot from one end, cut the elastic shorter and re-install it.


S15 Sigma

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