The t10 trail is a spacious 1-person tent where the emphasis is on a robust build and all-year, all-climate, protection from the elements. At 1.8 kg, it is perhaps a bit heavier than many of its competitors, but for this "penalty" you get a lot more room and a tent that is still standing at the end of the storm.

Its multi-pitch system is very versatile – the integral mode allows it to be pitched in 3 minutes or less. The choice of flysheet-first or inner-first pitching is determined by whether you just want the flysheet or inner pitched on their own respectively, and either method is necessary if you have to separate them for drying out.

About 60% of the cost of a tent is fabric, and the greatest part of this is invested in the flysheet. The t20 trail is made from a 40-denier, silicon-coated (both sides), nylon rip-stop fabric, and gives what we believe to be the best balance between cost, durability and strength, with only a small weight penalty.

The t10 trail is an affordable tent for all-round use. For its class it offers a superior amount of space and bad-weather handling.

Multi-pitch design has three options – integral-pitch, fly-first or inner-first
Single door zip has 3 opening orientations
Groundsheet has bathtub construction for complete protection
Two internal stash pockets
Supplied with 2 different peg types for different ground conditions
Comes with 4 x 3 metres, 3 mm nylon guylines
Packed size of 45 cm x 15 cm
Flysheet cut low to ground for full storm protection

Technical Specifications

People 1
Total weight 1.80 kg (complete)

60 g/m², 40 denier, high-tenacity nylon 6.6 ripstop
5,000 mm hydrostatic head, double-sided, silicon coating

Groundsheet 150 g/m², 210 denier, taffeta nylon
5,000 mm hydrostatic head, 3-pass PU coating
Inner canopy 40 g/m², 40 denier, high-tenacity nylon 6.6 ripstop
Poles 2 x 9.00 mm Ø DAC Pressfit
Guylines 4 x 3 m x 3.0 mm nylon with Linelok adjusters
Pegs 10 x Lightning pegs, 7001-T6 square-section, 12 g each
4 x Wavelight pegs, 7001-T6 screw-design, 12 g each
Packed size

45 cm x 15 cm Ø



Inner length 225 cm
Inner width 90 cm
Inner height 100 cm
Porch 100 cm


Care & Maintenance


Always ensure the tent is completely dry after a trip before packing it away for any length of time. Both flysheets and inners can get stains and mildew if stored in a damp condition – and once these occur, they are almost impossible to remove.


The poles consist of a number of sections linked together with shock cord. Over time, the shock cord stretches and the tension holding all the poles together reduces. This increases the risk of one section sliding off the ferrule of the adjacent one, resulting in what we call a J-tear failure. If you notice this, remove the pole-foot from one end, cut the elastic shorter and re-install it.


t10 trail

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