<p>The <strong>t30 hyper xt</strong> is a truly massive tent, and its imposing outline all but contradicts the fact it weighs a mere 2.70 kg. This is the tent for base camps that you have to walk into, and it is the tent to live in when storms descend for days. Like all Lightwave tents, it has true pedigree in handling the wet, wild and windy, and is a welcome shelter in times of storm.</p>
<p>Its multi-pitch system is very versatile – the integral mode allows it to be pitched in 3 minutes or less. The choice of flysheet-first or inner-first pitching is determined by whether you just want the flysheet or inner pitched on their own respectively, and either method is necessary if you have to separate them for drying out.</p>
<p>Tents are all about fabric, and the <strong>t30 hyper xt</strong> is no exception. The flysheet fabric &ndash; by far the most important part of a tent&rsquo;s specification &ndash; is a 30-denier, silicon-coated (both sides), nylon rip-stop fabric. This yarn thickness undoubtedly gives the best balance of tear-resistance, longevity under UV-exposure and low weight in a fabric, and remains the favoured choice for our premium lightweight tents.</p>
<p>The biggest tent we make, <strong>t30 hyper xt</strong> is a both a behemoth and wonderfully light at the same time &ndash; a true paradox. Not many people can justify a tent this large &ndash; space is a luxury after all &ndash; but for those who do, this tent is a palace in the wilderness.</p>

Multi-pitch design has three options – integral-pitch, fly-first or inner-first
Two porch doors, one on each side
Groundsheet has bathtub construction for complete protection
Vents at front (two) and rear (one)
Two internal stash pockets
Supplied with 4 different peg types for different ground conditions
Comes with 8 x 3 metres, 1.5 mm Dyneema-core/polyester sheath guylines
Packed size of 45 cm x 22 cm

Technical Specifications

People 2
Total weight 2.73 kg (complete)

51 g/m², 50 denier, high-tenacity nylon 6.6 ripstop
5,000 mm hydrostatic head, double-sided, silicon coating

Groundsheet 70 g/m², 40 denier, high-tenacity taffeta nylon
7,000 mm hydrostatic head, TPU-lamination
Inner canopy 30 g/m², 20 denier, high-tenacity nylon 6.6 ripstop
Poles 3 x 9.35 mm Ø DAC Featherlite
Guylines 8 x 3 m x 1.5 mm Dyneema/polyester with mini-Linelok adjusters
Pegs 6 x Lightning pegs, 7001-T6 square-section, 12 g each
4 x Wavelight pegs, 7001-T6 screw-design, 12 g each
4 x Titanium V-pegs, 10 g each
4 x Flash pegs, 7001-T6 square-section, 7 g each
Packed size

45 cm x 22 cm Ø



Inner length 225 cm
Inner width 130 cm
Inner height 108 cm
Porch 190 cm



t30 hyper xt